Minimally Invasive Eye Surgery

Improvements and Challenges for Patients, Surgeons and Firms

Past and Future:

Minimally surgery developments have already and will even more in the future improve ophthalmic surgery. Yet, although efforts have been intensified to advance minimally ophthalmic surgery, these efforts remain very uncoordinated and piecemeal.

The Concept:

The minimally invasive Eye Surgery CLUB, miESC, not only sees these developments as a challenge but above all as a unique opportunity. Nonetheless, only by looking at the broad spectrum of ophthalmic procedure together and by a close collaboration between surgeons, scientists and firms can new sustainable solutions be developed.

The Goal:

The goal of the miESC is to establish an international, interdisciplinary and permanent platform for the discussion of minimally ophthalmic surgery issues – a forum designed to facilitate the analysis, discussion and exchange of ideas in this important field. Contrary to other associations, the miESC welcomes members of interested firms, which will have the same rights to participate to discussions, to hold presentations and courses as the medical members.

The Congress:

Its main event is the yearly minimally invasive Eye Surgery Congress, miESC, which constitutes a global platform for an exchange of opinions and experiences and for the development of specific solutions.